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Ginger Software Premium

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Ginger is the great writing solution available for people with dyslexia.Ginger has been tested on texts written by people with dyslexia, and its accuracy in correcting their errors far surpasses all other tools available today!
Software compatibility is better than stylewriter, but you still can't use it on Mac OS.
With basic ginger software, there are no more excellent writing enhancement features than other competitors in writing software industry.
   4.0 / 5

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What People Are Saying

"Ginger Software is an innovative and easy to use assistive technology for students with writing disabilities. I would highly recommend to add Ginger to your A.T. toolkit." - B. Friedlander, Ph.D., NJ, USA

"What a great product! My husband is using Ginger at work and says it catches everything!" - Cindy, U.S.A

"Wonderful!! Have been hoping such would be developed. Would purchase it right now for all my dyslexic students." - Anonymous, Australia

"Thank you so very much. I have been looking for this for 30 years and now I feel I got something which I could use. This software is the answer to a lot of problems." - T. Larkin, London, UK

"I’ve lived with a disability my whole life and it is hard to hide it, especially at work. With Ginger I'm able to write and spell like a person my age. You have no idea how big of a part you have played in my life. Thank you!" - Stephen, TX, USA

"Ginger Software is an innovative and easy to use assistive technology for students with writing disabilities. I would highly recommend to add Ginger to your A.T. toolkit." - B. Friedlander, Ph.D., NJ, USA

"Ginger makes the writing of error-free text a real possibility, for the first time, for many dyslexics." - Bernadette McLean, Principal, Helen Arkell Centre

Who Is It For?

Ginger Software's mission is to facilitate error-free writing, particularly for those who use English as a second language, or for those with learning difficulties like dyslexia. Ginger's breakthrough automatic spell and grammar checker enables struggling writers to independently generate error-free texts of unprecedented accuracy for business and personal use.


Ginger is a spell and grammar correction software. Lexington, Mass. (June 15, 2009) – The National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) named Ginger Software, Inc., one of five award recipients in the 2009 Technology in the Works competition.

Ginger is an intelligent spell checker that identifies and fixes all your mistakes. Ginger recognizes words in context and provides the most appropriate corrections for spelling and grammar mistakes according to the intended meaning of your sentence. Ginger can tell when a correctly spelled word is misused and replaces it with the right word.

Once installed, Ginger is simple to use. It works within any Microsoft text or mail editor, such as Word and Outlook, and will soon support Internet Explorer as well. It requires an Internet connection to access the online database that powers the software. That’s all Ginger needs.

At the click of a button, Ginger starts correcting your document. Unlike spell checkers that halt at each mistake and prompt you for a correction, Ginger simultaneously corrects all the errors in an entire sentence. It pauses only after the sentence is corrected. The resulting text correction is faster and more effective.

Occasionally, when Ginger is unable to determine the proper term, it suggests the most probable corrections. Each option is presented with a sample expression, allowing you to consider the usage and to choose the correct word.

If you have difficulty writing in English, for any reason, get Ginger to help you. Overcome the challenge of spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Write documents perfectly, and make yourself proud!

Ginger Software have 2 versions: Ginger & Ginger Premium


Don't buy Basic Ginger Software, but Ginger Premium Software!

So much free writing enhancement software could include same writing enhancement features like basic ginger software, except Ginger's “context-based corrections” features. If you think you or your loves with dyslexia, may be you should try Ginger Premium Software.

Ginger Premium software has all the features of the basic Ginger software, and includes a Text-to-Speech system that reads sentences aloud before and after corrections, and allows dyslexics to be certain that what they wrote is what they meant to write.

In the near future, Ginger Premium will also include a Frequent Errors Reporting system(Just like "writing review" of Whitesmoke Writer 2010) to enable review and analysis of users’ most common mistakes, and determine the areas where help and practice are needed most. It will also include a Display Settings control panel that allows users to personalize the Ginger interface with their preferred fonts and colors.

Ginger Software Premium Vision Price is $149, but now they has a Special Offer for Dyslexia Awareness Month, you can save 20% if buy it now!

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